PCBCL is an indolent form of lymphoma with a good prognosis. Although local cutaneous recurrences are observed in 25% to 68% of patients, dissemination to internal organs is rare. Five year survival rates typically range from 89% to 96%. Overly aggressive treatment of PCBCL has not been shown to improve survival or prevent relapse. Radiation therapy is the treatment of choice for localized disease at presentation or on relapse. Polychemotherapy should be reserved for involvement of non-contiguous anatomic sites or those with extracutaneous spread.

EORTC classification of PCBCL:

Indolent: Follicle centre B cell lymphoma (most common) or Marginal zone B cell lymphoma

Intermediate: Large B cell lymphoma of the leg

Provisional: Intravascular large B cell lymphoma, plasmacytoma

Once the diagnosis of PCBCL is established, history, physical examination & staging investigations should be performed to rule out systemic involvement.


Photons or electrons as appropriate. PTV= GTV+ 2 to 3 cm margin.


15 Gy in 5# over 1 week or 20 Gy in 5 #.

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