Role of Medical Physics

The Medical Physicist ensures safe and accurate use of radiation.
  1. They assess risks to patients and personnel.
  2. Create radiation protection and education and training of staff.
  3. Perform accurate measurements and calculations.
  4. Develop Quality Assurance and Quality Management programs to comply with State Regulations.

State Regulations

The Medical Physicist will assist you with state regulatory agency compliance, as this may not be a complete list. They may require documentation of the following with appropriate recordkeeping., but refer to the regulations for a complete list.

Room Survey & Shielding report

Commissioning and Acceptance Testing

Occupational Exposure Reports (monthly badge reports)

Radiation Safety Training – Employees

Quality Assurance/Radiation Protection – Employee and patient safety including assessment of dose

Quality Management Program - It is important to have a physicist evaluate all x-ray equipment on a regular basis

*Note: requirements for Electronic Brachytherapy (EBT) may be different than Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)
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