Our Mission

To provide an easily accessible enhanced learning experience and reference tool for radiotherapy professionals.

  • Xstrahl is the foremost research and development organisation in the field of radiation therapy.
  • Xstrahl works with some of the best medical minds and has created its own Clinical Advisory Board from a team of highly qualified and respected medical professionals.
  • Part of our Ethos is to create cutting edge educational tools to help the next generation of medical professionals.
  • The Xstra Learning Portal is the host to ‘XRad Learning Module’ and is testament to our commitment in education for future generations.
  • To make sure that all practitioners are knowledgeable in x-ray therapy and to ensure that every patient gets the right treatment.

Our Story

Xstra is an online learning portal specifically created by leading professionals and Xstrahl, a world wide innovator in radiation therapy. The aim of Xstra is to provide a free learning resource that has essential learning content, culminating in an online assessment that adds real value to the module.

Each learning module carries a learning success criteria with optional learning reviews for users who choose to take the test associated with the module.