Xstrahl is a medical technology company that designs clinical and research systems to help eradicate cancer. For more than 20 years, Xstrahl has been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage therapies for cancer treatment and advancing pre-clinical research. Xstrahl systems are in operation at more than 700 treatment and research facilities worldwide.

The appearance of your patient is precious to them and they deserve a treatment that leaves them looking as good as they always have. 

Xstrahl superficial and orthovoltage systems deliver superior low-energy radiation treatment for skin cancer, providing maximum comfort to the patient without surgical risks. For skin cancer, low-energy treatments provide better clinical results for patients than conventional radiation therapy using a linear accelerator. Xstrahl low-energy radiation therapy systems are available in mobile and wall-mounted configurations and many different treatment energies (70kV to 300kV) depending on the clinician’s needs and patient mix. Xstrahl cancer therapy systems are currently used at leading cancer therapy institutions worldwide.

RADiant is a dual-modality surface radiation therapy system that provides both superficial radiation treatment and electronic brachytherapy to provide maximum flexibility for treating non-melanoma skin cancer and other skin conditions in a dermatology office. RADiant delivers fast, convenient, and comfortable treatments every time, to maximize clinical results and patient comfort when surgery is not an option or considered to be too invasive.